Thursday, April 13, 2017

Any library needs you

Free internet and free space? It's LUGs o'clock! e remember the library Libraries are still a key component of being a wonderful place ­ how we learn and are ideal partners for when our ten-year-old self hackspaces, LUGs and Raspberry Jams. wasn't being shushed by a stern Libraries need more people to use their librarian ­ we'd pick up all manner of services and user groups are the key. books and use the photocopier to make Lots of groups meeting in a central our own Star Trek scrapbook. But fast space such as a library will encourage other groups to meet. In 2015, we did a forward to the present day and libraries tour of libraries in our local area and ran around the world are now hubs for free a Raspberry Jam in each one. We had internet access rather than for picking great fun and inspired many children to up a book. This isn't a bad thing and learn computing. libraries are now adapting to the needs Pop into your local library, have a of their users in the 21st century. For chat with the staff, you can make lots of example, Exeter Library has its own noise these days, so use it to shout Makerspace inside of the library. about your user group, hackspace or We had chance to visit the space in Raspberry Jam and host an event at 2015 and were astounded that the two your library! LXF very different spaces co-existed harmoniously. Kirklees Council in West Yorkshire are working with the local community to outfit its libraries with the latest Raspberry Pis and supporting equipment. Michael Rimicans, known to many as Heed, has taken the lead and is working with the libraries to ensure that they have the support and Libraries have plenty of rooms and spaces that you can use for free or for a small fee.

Of course, you need to get out of your car, which is where some of the fun of Mad Max can start to fizzle. Invading enemy camps is always done on foot, melee combat works similarly to what we've seen in the Arkham games, but it's simply not as fluid or flexible. The camera can be awful during fights, sometimes completely obscuring Max and his enemies. We have plenty of fun stories about car combat, but none about the fistfights we had. The dozen-or-so boss fights aren't great, either. Camp bosses are identical: lumbering damage-sponges wielding giant hammers, quickly attack to shave off slivers of their health, then dodge again. A couple other bosses are of the quick and agile variety, but there's really no difference in strategy. Besides car and melee combat, there are other things to do in the wasteland. We played for 45 hours and the map is still cluttered with icons, though there's honestly not a whole lot of variety in these activities. At least the wasteland itself is a solid pleasure. You'll find sun-bleached white sand, rolling yellow dunes, dark jagged peaks and cliffs, vast swamps of oily muck, and rusty red buttes and boulders. Then there's Gas Town, with its belching smokestacks and mountains of trash, looking for all the world like an industrial Mordor. We wish the story complimented the visuals, most of the characters, including Max himself, are fairly uninteresting. There are a lot of negatives, but the exciting and satisfying car combat goes a long way toward making up for the rest of Mad Max's shortcomings. Whenever we became bored with the endless fist-fights, we'd just hop back in the car and race around, looking for the telltale plumes of dust that indicated a rolling war party or convoy. Then we'd ready the harpoon, blast the nitro, and get up to ramming speed.

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